Financial Solutions
Thanks to over 20 years of experience in the market of Ukraine, Pulse has a full idea about ways to legally optimise taxation that allows significant savings to businesses.
We offer the following services in the areas of staff selection and administration:

  • Search and screening of candidates according to criteria identified by the Client;
  • Official employment of all or part of staff, as company employees, by civil contracts or opening Private Entrepreneur status for employees ad concluding contracts with Private Entrepreneurs.
  • Salary calculation to staff employees;
  • Calculation of all applicable Personal and Company taxes;
  • Calculation of vacation allowances and compensations for unused vacation;
  • Calculation of allowances, including temporary disability allowance and child benefits;
  • Calculation of dismissal pay and other payments stipulated to employee by law;
  • Administration of payrolls and tax calculations;
  • Preparation of quarterly and yearly reports on taxes, dues and fees;
  • Preparation of reports for Private Entrepreneurs;
  • Preparation of information for pension fund.