Key Account Management
We represent producers' interests and ensure optimisation of business processes in the supply chain of import and export of FMCG products.
Our services:

  • Optimisation of assortment management:
    • Category management;
    • Assistance in suppliers search – by request from supplier and by request from Key Account;
    • Informing suppliers about product tenders conducted by Key Accounts;
    • Contracting suppliers with unique products/services;
    • Ensuring financial model most beneficial to both the supplier and the Key Account.
  • Work with Suppliers:
    • Brand correction and re-launch;
    • Optimisation of logistics parameters of goods;
    • Assistance in creation of limited offers of promotional stock.
  • Logistics optimisation:
    • Evaluating, selecting and contracting logistics operators;
    • Creation of product collection centers;
    • Optimisation of customs duties and VAT;
    • Optimisation of transport costs.
  • Sales Process optimisation and management:
    • Introduction of assortment into Key Accounts;
    • Payment of listing fees and marketing budgets;
    • Order generation, stock control, payments control;
    • Merchandising support.