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We aspire to grow our clients' businesses and offer efficient business solutions that are based on:

We constantly invest into development of resources that ensure our competitive advantages - quality of execution and achievement of agreed result;  additional services integrated into proposed solutions; financial efficiency; full transparency and compliance with the legislation. Our company is
* As per the results of the Rating of Marketing Services agencies by income, conducted by International Association of Marketing Initiatives


Our team

  • Robert McNeil



    Originally set up Pulse Ltd. in Ukraine, in January of 1993, after holding various positions in multinational companies in both the USA & the UK; in the fields of marketing, sales, distribution, and finally, finance.
    Pulse Ltd. was quickly established as a “Turn Key” solution, offering businesses not only a comprehensive range of marketing services, but more importantly, assisting clients in building and executing, a professional distribution and sales infrastructure.
    Today, there are several business units, with more than full-time 1000 staff; focused in the areas of Training, Financial Outsourcing, Marketing, Sales Management, Events, Training, Digital Strategy, Property & Property Maintenance.
    22 years of living & working in Ukraine, has been an extraordinary experience; this is my home and I love Ukraine and the people of Ukraine.
    We are very confident, that we can meet the needs of our Client’s in Ukraine, through a dedicated team, of highly experienced Professionals; many of which, have been with the Company, for the last 20 years – it’s a Team that consistently, outperforms the expectations of our Clients, by sharing our experience, learnings & understanding.
    And a Team, that can really help YOU, to navigate, the many significant challenges ahead!

  • Stuart McKenzie


    Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Stuart moved to Ukraine in 1994 where he joined Pulse and soon became a partner and Managing Director. Over the years Stuart has gained unparalleled experience in Ukraine in the fields of sales, merchandising, research and marketing – assisting many of the world’s largest companies to develop their products in this market.

  • Mark Wright


    Mark joined Pulse in 2002, to become Partner and Director of operations. The experience in different positions, from owner of business to GM of Coca-Cola Ukraine, that Mark had gained over his previous years, has made a great contribution to successful business solutions that Pulse is offering to our clients.

  • Boris Rashman

    Chief Financial

    In 1995 the paths of Pulse and Boris Rashman crossed. Now Boris is the financial director (new strategies of investments) of one of the biggest national marketing agencies.
    In 2003 Boris received two degrees: the first in economics, and an MBA (Switzerland and Belgium).

  • Natalia Rabota


    Natalia has over 20 years of experience in design. She joined Pulse in 1998 and, over the years, has been demonstrating her abilities of both a gifted designer, and a successful manager, ensuring timely and efficient performance of creative challenges of her department.

  • Oleg Kot

    Strategic Business Director

    Oleg joined Pulse as an Account Manager in 1998, soon after graduating from Nezhin State University. His linguistic education helped Oleg’s quick integration in the agency. Over the years in Pulse, Oleg was responsible for such companies as Nestle, Coca-Cola, Philip Morris, LG and many others.


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