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We aspire to grow our clients' businesses and offer efficient business solutions that are based on:

We constantly invest into development of resources that ensure our competitive advantages - quality of execution and achievement of agreed result;  additional services integrated into proposed solutions; financial efficiency; full transparency and compliance with the legislation. Our company is
* As per the results of the Rating of Marketing Services agencies by income, conducted by International Association of Marketing Initiatives


Our team

  • Robert McNeil

    Chief Executive

    Robert McNeil, CEO, set-up Pulse, in Ukraine, in January of 1993; with more than 25+ years of experience of working with International & Multi-National Clients, Robert has an exceptional & highly detailed knowledge, of Imports, Logistics, Finance, Marketing & Sales.
    Today, Pulse provides it’s Clients, with an exceptional range of Sales Management & Logistics services (with National coverage), for both Key Retailers & Importers.
    In addition, Pulse currently services it’s Clients, with an extremely comprehensive & proven range of BTL services, Financial Outsourcing, Design & Production.
    With 25+ years of experience in the market, we have a Team, that consistently outperforms the expectations of our Clients, by understanding fully the needs of our Clients & by building dedicated Teams, to deliver the total focus & commitment required, to deliver sustainable results.

  • Oleg Kot

    Chief Operating

    Oleg Kot joined Pulse in 1998; with more than 20+ years experience, Oleg has been responsible for developing, implementing & managing long-term “National” Sales, Trade Marketing & Merchandising projects, for major National & Multi-National companies in Ukraine, including Nestle, Coca-Cola, P&G, Philip Morris International, LG, Samsung & Japan Tobacco International.
    Oleg is a highly results oriented individual, with an extraordinary record of success, who always puts the Client first.
    As COO, Oleg is responsible for the overall management & strategic direction of Pulse, as well as, having an extremely “hands-on” approach, to working closely with Clients, to maximise their return on their investment.

  • Igor Parkhomenko

    Chief Financial

    Igor Parkhomenko joined Pulse in 1995; with more than 23+ years in Finance, Igor has gained an unparalleled knowledge of Finance & Financial services in Ukraine.
    Igor is an innovative Team player; with the creativity, energy & entrepreneurial spirit, that consistently delivers success.
    As CFO, Igor works closely with our Clients, to develop detailed & transparent reports, linked to the Clients critical KPI’s & ROI.
    In addition, Igor is responsible for developing & managing, very ‘cost efficient’ Financial Outsourcing solutions for our clients, which are highly tax efficient.

  • Victor Sosnin

    Chief Commercial

    Victor Sosnin joined Pulse in 1997; with an MBA in Law and more than 21+ years experience in Business projects, Victor is actively involved in managing the day-to-day operations of the company in relation to Tax Planning, Researching and Analysing of the Ukrainian Legislation and in developing the most cost efficient business solutions for Clients.
    Victor is a highly creative and resourceful Team player, with a remarkable track record, of evolving “ideas” into success.
    As CCO, Victor works directly with our Clients, to build highly Transparent solutions, which exceed all necessary standards of Compliance, to maximise the ROI’s, for both Clients and Partners alike.

  • Natalia Korneeva

    Chief Administrative

    Natalia Korneeva joined Pulse in 2007; with more than 11+ years experience in HR & Administration, she is actively involved in managing the day-to-day operations of the business.
    Natalia’s own & very unique combination of characteristics – initiative, patience, detail, loyalty & politeness – has an extremely positive impact, on both Pulse & Clients alike.
    As CAO, Natalia works directly with our Clients, to exhaustively define, select & train, the best Team possible, to continuously ensure, both a highly professional & qualitative result, for the Clients.

  • Natalia Rabota

    Head of Design
    and Production

    Natalia Rabota joined Pulse in August 1999; with more than 19+ years of experience in Creative Design, Branding, Art-Direction, Project Management and Production, Natalia has been responsible for delivering Turn-Key solutions, to such clients as UEFA, Nestle, Kyivstar, Coca-Cola and Volvo.
    Natalia’s winning personality, creative thinking, cutting-edge graphic design, strong organisational skills and her ability to manage multiple projects, brings to our Clients, a unique ability and resource; an ability, that we at Pulse, are extremely proud of.
    As Head of Design and Production Department, Natalia works directly with our Clients, in relation to their creative needs; from the evolution of the idea, to the design, production and it’s final execution and implementation.


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